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Online Sessions

Enza Tartaglia-Castro’s Homeopathic and Nutrition Online Clinic

Enza Tartaglia-Castro offers full-service online consultations in classical homeopathy and nutrition. Treatment encompasses regular appointments Skype, combined with e-mail/phone support in between appointments.
Online consultations allows you to access the unprecedented healing potential of classical homeopathy and nutrition right from the comfort of your own home or travel location.

Advantages of Long-Distance Sessions

  • Access to a professional Homeopath and Nutritionist from anywhere in the world: suitable for those living where there are no reputable practitioners, and for frequent travellers.
  • Many patients find it easier to open up when in their own comfort zone rather than in the physical presence of the practitioner.
  • Convenience: long-term compliance with appointments is enhanced by flexibility with regard to time and location.
  • Long-term therapeutic relationship can be maintained even following a move to a new geographical location.
  • Privacy: no undesirable waiting-room encounters.

Disadvantages to Online Sessions

For homeopathic treatments to succeed, the patient (or caregiver in case the patient is a small child) must be able to describe his or her complaints verbally.

  • A minority of patients may find it difficult to maintain a therapeutic relationship with a practitioner they have never met.Although physical contact is not needed for proper homeopathic sessions, some cues may not be available to the homeopath, theoretically making treatment difficult. In practice, however, I find my success rate with long-distance patients at least as high as that with local patients.

To set up the first appointment please contact me with:

  • a brief description of your complaint,
  • your time-zone, country, and nearest city (I work with patients worldwide),
  • generally available days and hours in your local time-zone (expressed as a time range – e.g. February 21, 1pm to 8pm),
  • your preferred connection method (Skype or Skype with video).

I will then reply with suggested appointment times and further instructions.






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